Cover for The Art of Fred Gambino Dark Shepherd

So, what's Dark Shepherd all about you may ask?

It began when I was working as a concept artist in Dallas back in 2006. The concept team were displaced from all over the world and without families to go back to at night we soon became a close knit group. Once a week we would have " film night ". We would take turns to host the event,  choose the film to watch and otherwise generally chew the fat.

One evening one of the guys asked of everyone in the room, "What's your story?"

"My story" I thought. "Is he asking for a life history?" But no, I had forgotten I was with Hollywood folk. He meant–what was the story that we were working on, our own story, script, book, whatever- because of course, everyone must have one.

I was disappointed to discover I was the only person in the room who didn't.

Several years later I was out cycling and a story popped into my head. That night in Dallas came back to me so I resolved to write it up and so finally I would have my Story.

I wasn't sure what to do with it next so I sent it to my agent to see what she thought. She in turn sent it to a literary agent who came back saying, "I love this, but what is it? Is it a novel, a graphic novel, a screen play- we need to turn it into something"

Somewhat encouraged by this I decided to turn it into a script and then a novel and that's what I have been doing, on and off, ever since. 

Both script and novel languished over the next couple of years as I found myself busy working on other projects. Then, out of the blue, Titan books approached me interested in doing an Art of Fred Gambino book. Of course, a retrospective of the last fifteen years of my career would be fantastic but I suggested we add something extra and include parts of the script (now called Dark Shepherd) with new illustrations specially created for the book. Titan were great and pretty much let me do what I wanted. 

The book was published in 2014  as The Art of Fred Gambino - Dark Shepherd.

So what to do next? I'm planning more images and more work on the story which I hope to update regularly.


Use the links below to check out both and the music videos.

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